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Viognier2016 Viognier

The Nadeau Family Vintners 2016 Viognier is a lovely white wine. It is 100% Viognier and the descriptors are classic Viognier: floral, fruity, and very approachable! Viognier is one of the less pronounceable Rhone varieties but is one which has become a favorite “alternative” white wine for many
American consumers who’ve grown bored with the ubiquitous offerings of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

This versatile wine is certain to complement just about any traditional “white wine fare” from Vichyssoise to fish.

The 2016 Vintage yielded only 78 cases.

Zinfandel Billy Goat2016 Zinfandel "Billy Goat"

Nadeau Family Vintners’ 2016 “Billy Goat” 100% Zinfandel is an expressive, exciting Zinfandel. Bold jammy aromas become bold jammy flavors as the wine opens in the mouth. Big dark fruit aromas and flavors framed with a subtle hint of American Oak make this wine a big hit.

This is indeed a bold wine, so it will stand up to some bold fare! Cajun blackened-fish, or Andouille sausage are potential playmates for this wine. Even difficult to pair foods like spicy curry or Jamaican dishes can be mated with this brash Zinfandel. Use your imagination!

The 2016 Vintage yielded only 91 cases.

Zinfandel Critical Mass2016 Zinfandel "Critical Mass"

The Nadeau Family Vintners’ 2016 Critical Mass Zinfandel is yet another big Nadeau 100% Zinfandel replete with an abundance of jammy aromatics . A subtle spiciness reminiscent of crushed black pepper complements the abundant fruitiness as does the American and French oak used in the
aging of this wine. The pronounced black cherry/raspberry aromas follow through to the palate where the taster enjoys fruity flavors framed with a complimentary addition of soft tannins and a very slight oak nuance.

This is clearly yet another big Zinfandel from a winery whose motto is: ”If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.”

The 2016 Vintage yielded 120 cases of finished wine.

Sangiovese2015 Tempranillo

The Nadeau Family Vintners 100% Tempranillo hails from the warmer plains east of Paso Robles.

Dark and opulent, this racy wine is redolent of bright fruit aromas married with spicy undertonesfrom having been aged in 20% new French oak. The long finish displays an interesting phenolicprofile, which seems to span the tongue with abundant-yet-soft tannins. The wine displayed pronounced cedar/cigar box aromas earlier in its development, and more than a hint of this remains to this day.

The 2015 Vintage yielded about 78 cases

Alicante Boushet2014 Alicante Bouschet

Here’s a variety which will be new to most of you.  Alicante Bouschet was a widely-planted variety in California in this state’s early heyday back in the 1950’s. The "fighting varietal" boom of the late seventies and early eighties drove growers statewide to graft or re-plant to Merlot, Cabernet, and Chardonnay. There went most of the Alicante Bouschet…to be replaced with the "new kids on the block."

This 100% Alicante Bouschet (Sauret Vineyard) benefited from American oak barrel-aging. These barrels have lent the 2015 Alicante Bouschet subtle oak nuances without diminishing the blackberry fruit and slight earthiness. This medium-bodied wine showcases a food-friendly mouthfeel with its moderate acidity and delightful fruit aromas and flavors.

An interesting characteristic of Alicante Bouschet is that it is one of just a few winegrapes which has pigmented flesh, which is to say that if one was to bite into an Alicante grape, one would find the juice and flesh of the grape are darkly colored. Essentially all other winegrapes have clear juice and flesh.

The 2014 Vintage yielded just 85 cases.

Petite Sirah2014 Petite Sirah

The Nadeau Family Vintners’ 100% 2014 Petite Sirah is an approachable, appealing offering. The Petite Sirah grape typically yields wine which is quite dark, yet offers an appealing fruitiness. In this bottling, layers of fruit mingle with well-integrated oak, making this a wonderful wine to accompany strong cheeses and
robust fare.

The 2014 Vintage yielded only 84 cases

Syrah2014 Syrah

The opulent red wines of the northern Rhone Valley inspired the Nadeau Family Vintners' 2014 Syrah. The grapes for this 100% Syrah came from two vineyards both in the Estrella area just East of Paso Robles.

A combination of French oak and American oak barrel-aging has lent the 2014 Syrah lovely, soft oak tannins accompanied by subtle toasty-oak nuances. Aromas of blackberries and currants are married with a noticeable oak component, which carries this wine from the nose to the finish.

This wine will likely accompany any "typical" red wine fare, so we doubt you’ll need any help finding dishes which this wine will compliment.

This is a balanced, approachable wine which might benefit from a brief aging period - perhaps as long as 5 years - however, we believe this wine is showing nicely now and needs no additional bottle aging.

The 2014 vintage yielded just 91 cases.